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RCORP - Rural Center of Excellence on SUD Prevention


Welcoming Recovery

To help reduce stigma related to substance use disorder and communicate the wide-reaching benefits of increasing access to treatment closer to home, the center has developed the presentation “Welcoming Recovery: How Locally Based Treatment Programs Bring Positive Change.”
Dr. Nacca PNG
Dr. Nacca's Story

Nicholas Nacca, MD, cares for patients in the ED and also has a background in addiction medicine. When working with patients with SUD, he tries to learn more about their experiences, and he encourages other providers to have these discussions.

Gary PNG
Gary's Story

Gary has been in recovery for 22 years. He has many nieces and nephews and loves being “Uncle Gary.” “I love my life,” he says.

John PNG
John's Story

John is in recovery from alcohol use disorder (AUD). At one of his toughest moments, the concern of a friend and “just that human connection” helped him.

Chris PNG
Chris's Story

Now in recovery from SUD, Chris says, “My life has become so much more than I ever expected it would be. I have a sense of purpose. I have beautiful relationships in my life.”

Dr. Wiegand PNG
Dr. Wiegand's Story

Tim Wiegand, MD, is an emergency and addiction medicine physician. ED visits are “an opportunity” and “welcoming is so important,” he says.

Amber PNG
Amber's Story

Amber has been in recovery for five years. A mother of six, she recently earned her associate degree and runs her own business.

Charles PNG
Charles's Story

Charles has been in recovery for 38 years and helps individuals with SUD as an addiction therapist. “Recovery is my work, it’s my ministry,” he says. “Recovery actually works, but you have to work at it.”  

Jake PNG
Jake's Story

Jake’s years in recovery have been the best in his life. He encourages health care providers to take a moment for a conversation and to offer recovery resources to patients with SUD. He suggests, “speak plainly, but speak with heart.”

Javier PNG
Javier's Story

Javier cares for his children and works at an HVAC company. An ED doctor helped him connect with an outpatient program and start his recovery. He had “been stigmatized before,” he says, but he did call the program “because it really showed me that somebody cared.”

Dr. Malcho PNG
Dr. Malcho's Story

Jade Malcho, MD, an emergency physician certified in addiction medicine, expresses the opportunity to make a difference.

Patrick PNG
Patrick's Story

Patrick, a construction worker who is 8 years in recovery, was highly stigmatized in the ED until a welcoming encounter with an ED provider who showed genuine interest in him.

Stephanie PNG
Stephanie's Story

Stephanie, a mother and homeowner who is 6 years in recovery, shares her experiences and achievements.