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Welcoming Recovery

To help reduce stigma related to substance use disorder and communicate the wide-reaching benefits of increasing access to treatment closer to home, the center has developed the presentation “Welcoming Recovery: How Locally Based Treatment Programs Bring Positive Change.”
Individuals standing in front of a sign
First Day Forward Program: An Overview
This project by St. Claire HealthCare, a member of the Northeast Kentucky Substance Use Response Coalition, strives to give those with substance use disorder a true “First Day Forward” as they re-enter the community.
Phillip Aaron Hudson in interview
Phillip Aaron Hudson
Phillip Aaron Hudson is a father, a farmer, and a community member of Hickory Hill in Knott County.
Melissa interviewing in studio
Melissa Handshoe
Melissa Handshoe is an artist, a mother, and an active community member in Knott County.
Ben Hindman seated in art studio
Ben Thomas Bowling
Ben Thomas Bowling is a brother, loves music, and is an active member of the recovery community.
UR Medicine Recovery Center of Excellence logo
Now Available: Framework to Address Opioid-Related Suicide Risk
UR Medicine Recovery Center of Excellence has partnered with SafeSide Prevention to provide program-development assistance and workforce education to organizations interested in suicide-prevention initiatives.
UR Medicine Recovery Center of Excellence logo
URMC Psychiatry Receives Additional $3.2 Million Grant Toward Combating Opioid Crisis
The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) Department of Psychiatry received a $3.2 million award from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to expand the scope and reach of its program to disseminate best practices relating to opioid use disorder (OUD).
Les seated in front of stained glass window
Les Stapleton
Les Stapleton is mayor of Prestonsburg, Kentucky.
Shawn being interviewed seated in front of window
Shawn Allen
Shawn Allen is a community member and peer in Floyd County, Kentucky.
Renee being interviewed outdoors
Reneé Ratliff
Reneé Ratliff is director of the Mountain Center for Recovery and Hope.
Artist Charmaine Wheatley speaks with reporters
City of Prestonsburg Welcomes Art Campaign to Reduce Stigma and Combat Opioid Epidemic
City of Prestonsburg, Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, Mountain Regional Prevention Center, and others gather to kick-off UR Medicine Recovery Center of Excellence’s new anti-stigma approach
Winding dirt pathway through forest
The Future of Videoconferencing Group Therapy
Telehealth can provide new pathways to care for patients with substance use disorders in rural communities. Learn how providers are preparing to use videoconferencing as a tool for treatment beyond the pandemic.
ROADSS title with barn and fence
Introducing ROADSS
To reduce barriers to methadone treatment in rural communities, the ROADSS model combines a centralized OTP that manages operations with smaller facilities in less populated areas that provide secure medication dispensing.