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Critical Role of Peer Specialists in Recovery: An Example

Yara Castro, Martin Felix, and Kassandra Figueroa discussed how utilizing peer support is critical both for individuals in recovery and to strengthen coordination of care across systems.
Peer Support
Renee being interviewed outdoors
Reneé Ratliff
August 11, 2021
Reneé Ratliff is director of the Mountain Center for Recovery and Hope.
Artist Charmaine Wheatley speaks with reporters
City of Prestonsburg Welcomes Art Campaign to Reduce Stigma and Combat Opioid Epidemic
June 17, 2021
City of Prestonsburg, Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, Mountain Regional Prevention Center, and others gather to kick-off UR Medicine Recovery Center of Excellence’s new anti-stigma approach
Winding dirt pathway through forest
The Future of Videoconferencing Group Therapy
March 10, 2021
Telehealth can provide new pathways to care for patients with substance use disorders in rural communities. Learn how providers are preparing to use videoconferencing as a tool for treatment beyond the pandemic.
ROADSS title with barn and fence
Introducing ROADSS
February 26, 2021
To reduce barriers to methadone treatment in rural communities, the ROADSS model combines a centralized OTP that manages operations with smaller facilities in less populated areas that provide secure medication dispensing.
Signpost positing opposite directions labeled "stress" and "relax"
Supporting Staff Wellness
February 22, 2021
For organizations working to address the opioid crisis, staff wellness initiatives offer a range of benefits. Readily adaptable to remote work, these programs can help staff feel supported and connected during COVID-19 and beyond.
Woman seated with smartphone
A Convenient Way to Connect: Videoconferencing Group Therapy
January 27, 2021
Video-based group therapy can help increase access to treatment for substance use disorder in rural communities.
Leadership and Confidence title card
Engaging Patients in Video-Based Groups—Leadership and Staff Confidence
January 20, 2021
Members of the Strong Recovery team talk about the role effective leadership played in promoting staff confidence when moving to video-based groups.
Feedback with talk bubbles
Perspectives on Videoconferencing Group Therapy
December 21, 2020
Therapists share their perspectives on videoconferencing group therapy.
Therapist Charles Brown leading a group session through videoconferencing
Engaging Patients in Video-Based Groups—Building Rapport
December 17, 2020
Members of the Strong Recovery team speak about how important rapport-building is to videoconferencing group therapy.
National Rural Health Day 2020
Recognizing National Rural Health Day
November 19, 2020
UR Medicine Recovery Center of Excellence is proud to stand with rural communities, providers, and people with lived experience to recognize National Rural Health Day and celebrate the #PowerofRural
Treatment on Demand and the Ecosystem of Recovery banner
Watch Presentations
October 30, 2020
The URMC Collaborative Care and Wellness Division 5th Annual symposium on Behavioral Health Integration addressed challenges and strategies for addressing the opioid epidemic, with a focus on rural communities. The recorded presentations are now available.
UR Medicine Recovery Center of Excellence logo
URMC Psychiatry Awarded Additional $2.5M to Combat Opioids in Rural Communities
July 08, 2020
The University of Rochester Medical Center Department of Psychiatry has been awarded an additional $2.5 million to expand the scope of its UR Medicine Recovery Center of Excellence project.