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About Our Rural Center of Excellence






UR Medicine Recovery Center of Excellence was established in 2019 as one of three Rural Centers of Excellence on substance use disorder (SUD) in the United States. It is funded by the Rural Communities Opioid Response Program (RCORP), an initiative of the Health Resources and Services Administration that supports programs to address barriers to treatment for SUD in rural areas. 

Our goal is to reduce morbidity, mortality, and other harmful effects of SUD in rural communities, with particular attention to the Appalachian region and to synthetic opioids. 

Our approach is to identify best practices, adapt them to be successful in rural communities, develop programs and disseminate resources that facilitate their implementation, and provide support and assistance. 

Our team of subject matter experts has 20 years of experience addressing the mental health and SUD crisis in rural communities in New York State. 

Our service area includes 39 rural counties in the U.S. While partnering with specific counties, we provide Program Assistance and resources to rural communities throughout the U.S. Answering questions and providing support are key components of our work!

Our process focuses on engagement, learning, and sharing. We connect with rural communities to understand their unique needs and current efforts related to SUD. While listening and learning, we help by sharing resources and tools, supporting communities' efforts, and amplifying their voices. 


Implementing Programs

In rural Appalachian New York, we have established networks of individuals and organizations that work together to meet patients where they are, increase access to treatment, and support long-term recovery. This Ecosystem of Recovery creates broader access to and community-wide support for SUD treatment. 

With interconnected programs in key areas such as naloxone distribution, medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD), care management, and telehealth, we equip and support rural providers with particular focus on primary care and emergency department settings. At the same time, we directly address barriers patients' face. To overcome stigma, we have collaborated with rural organizations nationwide to implement Community Conversations workshops rooted in lived experience. 

We continue our partnership approach with new implementations focused on pain management, increasing engagement in SUD treatment, addressing Not in My Backyard (NIMBY) responses, and other areas. See resources and programs to learn more. 


Exploring This Site

Information on this website is arranged into several general areas. As you explore, we hope you will share your feedback with us:

  • "Learn" pages describe best practices and contain resources and tools to help with implementation. 
Program Assistance 
  • "Update" pages contain brief articles and videos about learnings, partnerships, and programs.
  • Newsletters, linked from our homepage, provide updates on activities, with links to resources.