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Program Assistance

How Can We Help?

Our program assistance center is here to help rural communities with initiatives to address the harmful effects of substance use disorder (SUD). We partner with specific counties in the Appalachian region to implement evidence-based practices. We also assist rural communities across the U.S. who are implementing their own programs.

Contact us with your questions about best practices, resources, or any topic related to addressing the SUD crisis.

You can reach us directly by phone or by email

You can reach us directly at 1-844-263-8762 (1-844-COE-URMC) or

Frequent Topics

Confronting Stigma

Stigma around SUD often stands in the way of patients and providers utilizing evidence-based treatments. If you’re looking for approaches to address stigma in your community, we have resources to help.

Naloxone Delivery

Naloxone (often know by the brand name Narcan) can buy precious time for a person to get emergency care in the case of an opioid overdose. We can help with questions about this evidence-based practice, including naloxone training.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention is a key component of opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment. If you have questions about best practices to respond to suicide risk, we can help.

Treatment for SUD

There is a wealth of information regarding evidenced-based medications and counseling for SUD. We can lead you to best practices and provide guidance on approaches that work.

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