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RCORP - Rural Center of Excellence on SUD Prevention

Transitions Clinic Network Programs: Financial Tool Executive Summary

The Transitions Clinic Network Programs (TCNP) project is designed to produce maximum benefit to all parties. This program has developed a practice pro forma that shows the expected financial implications of its implementation. That implementation is highly dependent on funding considerations of partner organizations. This program is not expected to be financially self-sustaining; however, there are a few key considerations when deciding whether to implement that can make it practical. Pursuing one or more of the following can positively impact the financial implications in a material way:

  1. Gain share contracts/partnerships with insurance companies
  2. Reduction of readmission penalties
  3. Measuring return on investment for the community at large

Combined with grant funding sources, this program has the potential to cover its costs and should be carefully considered and discussed with your financial team.

The financial considerations in the pro forma reflect an implementation that includes hiring a community health worker. Partnering with or implementing in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) among other organizations could change the cost of the program in a material way, potentially making this program cost a small amount or be no cost. Specifically, if you are located in a county that has one or more carceral facilities and individuals tend to remain in the area post-release, consider this program along with partnering carceral facilities, insurances, and FQHCs to work through potential financial incentives and opportunities.