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RCORP - Rural Center of Excellence on SUD Prevention

Stigma Art Campaign: Financial Tools

UR Medicine Recovery Center of Excellence’s stigma project has been designed to be implemented easily, with multiple components that have a very limited real cost to produce. The center has developed two pro formas centered on this art campaign project. One represents the cost if an organization were to use the art created by our artist and have it readily supplied for a workshop designed to match what our center has already completed. The second would be if an organization were to create new art work.

Please note that the UR Medicine RCOE program was designed as a one-time project, and the financials reflect that approach. However, the program can easily be adjusted to fit the needs or criteria of various rural organizations. This example is a starting point to understand some of the fundamental costs involved in the project. Included in the pro formas are general wage expenses that an organization can adjust as needed. Expenses are padded a bit to make sure that the pro formas’ expectations of cost would go down rather than up.

This project can be a valuable public relations campaign and functional workshop for an organization that can benefit patients and the community. This value is hard to capture in dollar amounts and is not reflected below. The value will be knowledge, conversation, and connection within a community to humanize the opioid crisis in rural regions.

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