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RCORP - Rural Center of Excellence on SUD Prevention

State Guidance on Naloxone Distribution

The table below provides an overview of naloxone distribution in Kentucky, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia, where UR Medicine Recovery Center of Excellence is working with specific counties to address the opioid overdose crisis.

In these and other states, the Harm Reduction Coalition and our Program Assistance (; 1-844-263-8762/1-844-COE-URMC) are available for support. NEXT Distro’s website provides state-by-state information about naloxone.

Please be sure to check with your state and local health departments for further information.

Naloxone Distribution in KY, NY, OH, WV



(liability, limited immunity, etc.)

Agencies & organizations

Key websites

Pharmacies distribute without prescription

Remote training & distribution


201 KAR (naloxone dispensing)

KRS 217.186

KRS 218A.133

Office of Drug Control Policy

Kentucky Harm Reduction Coalition (KyHRC)

Department for Public Health

Office of Drug Control Policy: Stop Overdoses

Naloxone finder

KyHRC services; overdose and naloxone information


Statewide physician protocol to initiate dispensing (for pharmacists)

Pharmacy locator

KyHRC partners with NEXT Distro to provide naloxone by mail.

New York

Public Health Law 3309

911 Good Samaritan Law


AIDS Institute (in Office of Drug User Health) working with Harm Reduction Coalition

(Certified substance use disorder treatment programs are required to provide naloxone.)

Southern Tier Overdose Prevention Program

Opioid Overdose Prevention Program

Opioid Overdose Prevention Initiative

Provider directory

Putting the Pieces Together (guide for registered programs)


Availability of naloxone in pharmacies (includes information about copayment assistance and training for pharmacists)

Standing order for naloxone in pharmacies

For registered programs interested in mailing naloxone, contact

Information about naloxone housings

Virtual trainings available: Calendar of trainings

NEXT Distro



O.R.C. 2925.61

O.R.C. 3707.562

O.R.C. 4731.94

O.R.C. 2925.11


Project DAWN (under Ohio Department of Health)

Project Dawn resources and dashboard

Harm Reduction Ohio


List of pharmacies

Harm Reduction Ohio partners with NEXT Distro.

Project DAWN/Ohio State University distribution (including naloxone by mail and naloxone housings in some areas)


West Virginia

WV Code 16-46-3




Office of Drug Control Policy, Bureau for Behavioral Health, and Office of Epidemiology and Prevention Services (Department of Health and Human Resources)

Health & Hope WV

Project Renew

Office of Emergency Medical Services: Naloxone information

Naloxone training video



Standing order for naloxone prescription

Map: pharmacies

Opioid overdose prevention quick sheet with QR codes

West Virginia Drug Intervention Institute training