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RCORP - Rural Center of Excellence on SUD Prevention

Naloxone Financial Tips




Funding opportunities

Cost of naloxone information

Organization(s) to help with funding, training & distribution

Unit cost of naloxone

(dependent on volume & type)



Naloxone can be obtained for free at KyHRC or NEXT Distro. Pharmacies may provide naloxone as well (copays may apply).

Office of Drug Control Policy: Stop Overdoses

NEXT Distro


New York


NYS offers naloxone free through NEXT Distro

Co-payment assistance

NEXT Distro

Virtual training opportunities




Through multiple resources, organizations can distribute naloxone free or through a pharmacy (copays may apply).

Project DAWN

Harm Reduction Ohio

NEXT Distro


West Virginia


Naloxone available in pharmacies (copays may apply)

Health & Hope WV

County Health Departments

Office of Drug Control Policy, Bureau for Behavioral Health, and Office of Epidemiology and Prevention Services


All States and Organizations

Our Program Assistance is here to help!
Contact us at or 1-844-263-8762/1-844-COE-URMC.


Note: Costs and funding opportunities are highly variable depending on state and choice of workflow. Staffing levels and engagement can vary, from minimal guidance to lead patients to established Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution programs, to part-time/full-time positions to organize and execute new programs. There are multiple funding opportunities to become a program.