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Financial Summary: Behavioral Health Care Managers

There is no one-size-fits-all financial model for the Behavioral Health Care Manager (BHCM). Many practices primarily support their efforts through fee for service (FFS) billing alone, utilizing relevant behavioral health integration (BHI) codes and working directly with their local commercial health plans or self-insured employers. Some practices leverage their participation in alternative payment models (APMs)—or other value-based care contracts—to support their BHI efforts. There are many payment models to consider in addition to FFS, and no matter which you choose, the ultimate goal is sustainable delivery of high-quality care.

For ease of use we will focus particularly on the 99484 code: When the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) codes were rolled out, Medicare also introduced an additional code for BHI services that do not conform to the specific CoCM. The 99484 code only requires 20 minutes of time per calendar month and can be delivered by a broader set of team members or the primary care provider alone. Like the CoCM codes, some specific tasks must be performed to bill the 99484 code.


BHCM Billing Considerations



Accepts billing the 99484 code


New York

New York started a Collaborative Care Medicaid Program with grant funding years before Medicare started reimbursing for the approach. Since there were no Medicare Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for CoCM at the time, New York devised its own (T2022). Some elements and requirements of New York’s program, which is administered by the Office of Mental Health, differ from Medicare, including that providers are only reimbursed for managing patients with anxiety disorder, depression, or both.


Accepts billing the 99484 code

West Virginia

Accepts billing the 99484 code


All state Medicaid programs except those in Illinois, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, and Washington reimburse code 99484.

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