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RCORP - Rural Center of Excellence on SUD Prevention

Growing Resilience: Strengthening Community Collaboration for Substance Use Prevention

Cattaraugus, Allegany, and Steuben counties in New York                                                                                    

Our mission is to partner with communities to recognize and lessen the impact of trauma to prevent and reduce substance use and substance use disorder (SUD) in youth. We aim to accomplish this by linking and supporting rural communities’ schools, pediatric practices, and community organizations in relevant and meaningful ways.

We realize there are unique challenges facing rural communities today and if we want to make a difference, our support must be defined by the people and communities we hope to help.

Solutions You Define—Capacity We Support

This community-first approach will lay the groundwork for a cross section of your rural community to advise on the design, implementation and support of a sustainable, trauma-informed intervention for youth.

What We Bring to the Table

We will leverage our resources, share our expertise on trauma-informed interventions for youth, and connect systems of care to build capacity for trauma-informed prevention and early intervention initiatives for youth at risk for substance use and SUD.

We Value Your Insights and Expertise

All individuals who choose to join a Community Action Board or focus group will be compensated with a small stipend for their time and insight. This stipend will be determined by the length and level of commitment, and a detailed explanation of payment will be provided if selected for participation.

For more information about the background and methodology please see our project overview:

Contact Us

For more information about this project or to learn how we can collaborate, reach out to the project manager, Chris Cretelle, MBA, PMP:

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Our Team

Melissa Heatly, PhD: Principal Investigator (PI) Specializing in School Based Mental Health Initiatives

Allison Stiles, PhD: PI Specializing in Family Engagement and Integrated Primary Care

Kenya Malcolm, PhD, IECMH-E®: PI Specializing in Early Childhood and Family-Focused Care

Linda Alpert-Gillis, PhD: Senior Advisor Specializing in Innovation in Child Mental Health Service Delivery

Chris Cretelle, MBA, PMP: Project Manager 


Growing Resilience