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RCORP - Rural Center of Excellence on SUD Prevention


Phillip Aaron Hudson in interview
Phillip Aaron Hudson
Phillip Aaron Hudson is a father, a farmer, and a community member of Hickory Hill in Knott County.
Melissa interviewing in studio
Melissa Handshoe
Melissa Handshoe is an artist, a mother, and an active community member in Knott County.
Ben Hindman seated in art studio
Ben Thomas Bowling
Ben Thomas Bowling is a brother, loves music, and is an active member of the recovery community.
Les seated in front of stained glass window
Les Stapleton
Les Stapleton is mayor of Prestonsburg, Kentucky.
Shawn being interviewed seated in front of window
Shawn Allen
Shawn Allen is a community member and peer in Floyd County, Kentucky.
Renee being interviewed outdoors
Reneé Ratliff
Reneé Ratliff is director of the Mountain Center for Recovery and Hope.