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Ecosystem of Recovery: Working with Communities to Achieve an Effective System of Care for Substance Use Disorder


In the effort to overcome substance use disorder (SUD), every community faces its own challenges. But ultimately the goal is the same: to establish a comprehensive and integrated system that effectively promotes prevention, treatment, and recovery. Most rural communities encounter challenges that make it difficult to deliver continuity of care. They may lack sufficient demand to make services viable, resources with which to form partnerships, or the necessary leadership to drive change. Sometimes stigma, adverse legislation, or lack of safe spaces for recovery present obstacles. The center has created an Ecosystem of Recovery Workshop designed to help communities surmount barriers and develop solutions that lead to sustainable systems of care.

Workshops strive to help rural communities:

  • Develop a vision for their own Ecosystem of Recovery
  • Identify champions able to lead and motivate
  • Resolve conflicts and overcome difficult challenges that stand in the way of change
  • All workshop attendees will receive an email invitation to Office Hours

Office Hours

For those who participate in the workshops, the center is also offering office hours that provide the opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas with subject matter experts Michele Lawrence, MBA, MPH, and Gloria Baciewicz, MD. The office hours also will serve as a forum for discussion with leaders from other rural communities who have faced similar challenges.

Office hours will be every third Monday, 3-4 p.m., beginning April 17, 2023.

Contact Program Assistance to learn more. 

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